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Powered by Superfeedr
Instead of polling feeds using your server ressources, feedtragón relies on Superfeedr to get feed updates. This not only unburdens your server, it is also faster, and free when not having too many notifications.
Designed for reading
There are no suprises. The design is as minimal as possible while still having all necessary controls at hand, including endless scrolling.
Google Reader Shortcuts
We all are used to them (jknpvm).
Support for Apps
Apps supporting the Google Reader API can use feedtragón as server (reference client: News+ with the Google Reader Plugin)
FOSS, using ruby and sinatra
feedtragón is licensed under the AGPL, meaning you are free to use and modify this as you want as long as your version stays free as well. The use of Ruby and Sinatra makes the code small (760 LOC) and readable, thus easy to enhance.