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izulu tries to get as many information as possible automatically, like the current location. It can be started like this:

izulu -n -p -t
To show different images depending of timeand day (-n), to show the forecast (-p) and the temperate (-t).

To run it as a deamon add -d, and -o to get notifications:
izulu -d -n -p -t -o
And if the location detection fails, the current city can be given with -c:
izulu -c troyes -d -n -p -t -o


-c city, --city city
Set the city with the relevant weather, e.g Berlin.
-d, -daemon
Enable daemon-mode, check the weather every 15 minutes.
-gr, --german-radar
Shortcut: All german rader images.
-i interval, --interval interval
Specify a custom check-interval when in daemon-mode, e.g. 60 (seconds).
-n, --night
Set another wallpaper at night.
-o, --osd
Send a notification when weather changes.
-p, --preview
Add images showing the weather forecast.
-r, --random
Choose the wallpaper randomly, only works when the directory is named in the config.
-rd [warning|radar] [warning|radar] [germany|swiss], --radar [warning|radar] [warning|radar] [germany|swiss]
Show a warning and/or a radarimage for a country. Wetteralarm ( and Rain-Radar ( for Switzerland, official warnings ( and a satellite-image ( for Germany.
-sr, --swiss-radar
Shortcut: All swiss rader images.
-t, --temperature
Show the temperature.
-tg gravity, --temperature-gravity gravity
Set the gravity anchor of the temperature display. Possible choices are NorthWest, North, NorthEast, West, Center, East, SouthWest, South, SouthEast. See also
-tm margin, --temperature-margin margin
Set the margin the temperature display shall have from the screen borders. The format for margin is +x+y, for example '+10+30'.
-co desktop, --compat desktop
Set several default parameters for compatibility with the defaults of a specific desktop environment. The sole possible value for desktop so far is 'unity', and it will move the temparature display to the upper right corner.
-wid, --woeid
The WOEID of the location, see