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Frontend Administration
There is no backend. As soon as you are logged in, an editor and other control elements appear on the normal blog. Making it as easy as possible to just start writing. logged in example
Comments, Trackbacks and Pingbacks
User feedback is what makes a blog a blog. Comments, Trackacks and Pingbacks are fully supported.

Comments authors have their gravatar, can cite each other and have access to markdown syntax. Trackbacks and Pingbacks work, autodiscovery is set up, and the implementation was tested with the classical blogengines Wordpress and Serendipity.
Format your entries with HTML, or use the nice Kramdown implementation of Markdown.
Against Spam: Bayes filter and honeypot
Spam sucks. An integrated bayes filter helps you fight it, and the honeypot helps prevent it.
The default design is not even bad - it is minimalistic while trying to be not too plain. But if you don't like it, writing your own is fully supported. Use the default templates and just change the CSS, or overwrite the templates as well to customize ursprung totally. ursprung in red
Ruby, Sinatra, SQLite, Portier - and free
Ruby and Sinatra are a perfect base for a small blog like this, modern but proven. SQLite as a database in a file is easy to manage, and its read performance is more than good enough for all but the highest traffic blogs. Portier takes care of the login, saving us from dealing with passwords.
Ursprung's license is the AGPL.

Install it

The easiest way to install is to clone the git repo, install the dependencies with Bundler and then start the server. Make sure you have Ruby installed first.
git clone ursprung
cd ursprung
bundle install
rackup -E testing -p 9292